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Four advantages

  • Please rest assuredReliability in transit,We have a professional storage warehouse, the product will not be lost。
Quick safety
  • We ownEfficient transportation speed,andPerfect network query,But also for your productsWarehousing services
High quality service
  • We have excellent transport services, customer focus, ownershipSystem workflow,Staff have a good professional quality。
Details of the specific charges
  • Have a clear import and export tariff standards,and there will be no other hidden costs. Shipping time is guaranteed to be within the specified time. Except for force majeure, such as natural disasters, national policies, etc.

云南11选5开奖结果      FITTO logistics(thailand) co。,ltd,is an agent of international logistics and distribution, air transport, automotive transport, warehousing, shipping and distribution in one, cross regional, networking, information technology, intelligent, with a comprehensive supply chain logistics company。 Headquartered in Thailand, Bangkok, and in Guangzhou, Yiwu, with branch offices, the company responsible for the domestic and foreign cargo, FCL goods door-to-door service, with customers, purchasing agent, shipping, and Chinese goods export documents, commodity inspection, customs clearance, tax, all in one service! At the same time according to the different needs of different customers provide a variety of personalized service。 We constantly improve the management, strengthen technology updates, efforts to improve staff quality, improve service quality and competence, and is committed to establish long-term cooperative relationship with customers, the company adhering to the "customer wish, is our pursuit of" service concept, after years of hard work and accumulated experience, already has formed its own characteristics the operation management and service system, in the industry establish a good corporate image。 With the continuous development of enterprises, in order to provide customers with a more comprehensive and better service。

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